This Photo Of Cindy Crawford’s Daughter Just Sent The Internet Over The Edge

Ford Springer | Reporter

Cindy Crawford has been blowing people away with her photos for over 25 years — now her daughter is causing a commotion of her own.

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Crawford’s daughter, Kaia Gerber, posted a racy photo to her Instagram account on Thursday that sent the Internet over the edge — mostly because Gerber is just 15 years old. In the photo, the teen model is wearing nothing but a bathrobe, which she’s holding up with her hand in order to cover up.

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The photo sparked a debate among her followers, most saying Gerber is far too young to be posting such things. Some decided to direct their criticisms at Crawford for allowing and encouraging her daughter to put herself out there.

“Beautiful but way to suggestive for a 15 year old!,” one commenter said. “Stop trying to grow up too fast @kaiagerber Gee where’s your mother,” another Instagram user added. “Aren’t you in your teens? Cover yourself,” said another.

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Others praised the rising modeling star and defended her against critics who were being harsh on her for the photo.

“She’s a model… what do you expect… she’s going to be comfortable with her body… she’s going to love her body,” one commenter said in defense of Gerber. “She can CHOOSE to do that publicly or privately. She’s not showing her boobs… I don’t see no nipples so what’s the problem. Telling her she’s ‘too young’ won’t stop her from posting what she wants. LET HER FEEL HERSELF.”

This isn’t the first time Gerber has raised some eyebrows on social media and it definitely won’t be the last.

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