Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey Blasts The Verge Over ‘Fake News’

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Ian Miles Cheong Contributor

Palmer Luckey, the tech wunderkind who created Oculus VR, is the subject of on-going attacks by left-leaning tech publications like Ars Technica, The Verge and Kotaku.

During the 2016 election, Luckey reportedly donated to a non-profit organization called Nimble America, paying for a billboard featuring Hillary Clinton’s oversized head captioned with the words “Too Big to Jail.” After news of his contribution became public knowledge, Luckey issued a public statement, where he claimed that the stories written about him did not accurately represent his views. Piggybacking off each other, sites Ars Technica and The Verge published stories claiming that he was “funding Trump’s racist meme machine,” even in headlines.

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Luckey addressed a journalist from The Verge who asked him questions regarding a currently circulating story about his monthly donation to a hack enabling Vive (a competitor to Oculus VR) to run apps and video games exclusive to Oculus. Luckey previously voiced his anger at numerous publications for their sensationalistic coverage of his political contributions, but it’s the first time he addressed The Verge directly.

Luckey took issue with The Verge’s coverage of the story, writer Nick Statt described the Oculus founder’s donation to Nimble America as “financial support of pro-Trump trolling groups.” The Verge has since amended the piece to say he supported a singular “pro-Trump trolling group,” retaining the narrative that Luckey was heavily invested in enabling internet trolls.

In his tweets, the Oculus founder said that it was a single group and contested the idea that Nimble America is not a trolling group.

“One group, no plurality, not a trolling group,” tweeted Luckey at The Verge’s Jake Kastrenakes. He called out the left-leaning publication for publishing lies about him, and referred to their stories as “Fake news.”

“Aligns with past Verge [headlines] though: ‘Luckey is funding Donald Trump’s internet trolls’,” Luckey continued. “Just like when you claimed that ‘he reluctantly admitted to helping fund an internet trolling group.’ Hard to keep abreast of all the lies.”

“The facts do not back up your claims, now or in the past,” added Luckey. “You are continuing to lie to your readers. Can you point to a shred of evidence?”

“I understand that you want to avoid admitting that multiple Verge writers have been lying about me in their articles for months, tough shit,” the Oculus founder wrote. He pointed out that The Verge did not have any evidence for calling his new businesses “shell corporations.” The Verge, said Luckey, falsely cited an original article on Mother Jones to back up their narrative against him. He linked to a post he wrote on Reddit to address the allegations.