CNN Explains The Reason For The WH Pay Gap, And It’s Not Sexism

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CNN reported on the White House pay gap as though men and women working the same jobs are paid differently, but the fourth paragraph of their report tells a different story.

In its Monday article titled, “White House pays women 80 cents for every dollar paid to men,” CNN wrote that “women working in the White House earn an average salary of 80 cents for every dollar paid to their male colleagues,” adding those numbers reflect a “gender pay gap wider than the national average of 82 cents on the dollar.”

CNN cited the White House’s annual report to Congress released Friday that says the average salary among men working in the White House is roughly $104,000 while women in the White House make approximately $83,500, indicating that the pay of male and female staffers is unfair.

The news outlet buries the real news in its fourth paragraph, which states that the pay gap “is primarily due to more women filling lower-ranking jobs. Half the men working at the White House make $95,000 or more annually, while half the women $70,500 or less.”

Therefore women are not making 80 cents for ever dollar paid to their male counterparts because this statement implies that women are being paid less than men for doing equal work when they are in fact doing different jobs that demand different salaries.

The White House staff is roughly split on gender, with a close to 50-50 male to female ratio.

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