Voter Fraud And RICO

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President Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud has been greatly ridiculed and disparaged by legacy media and democrats. The fact is that it is without question real.  The issue really is over how extensive it is.  Legend has it that dead voters in Chicago elected John Kennedy, is that just a myth?   Democrats continue to denounce requirements for voter identification. They complain without reason that somehow that would create voter suppression.  The media and Democrats condemn any attempt to just study the issue as President Trump’s voter fraud commission seeks to do.  The media confidently asserts that there is no evidence at all that such a thing exists.  If it was left up to them there would be never be any evidence because they don’t want to look for it.  They already know that non-citizens, felons and indeed some citizens cast votes illegally.  A real study would expose the truth. The left doesn’t want that. Why? for the simple reason that they benefit.  Fraudulent voters are by and large  voting for Democrats.

What we actually have here is the grand theft of our citizen’s right to vote. The right of citizens to vote is a keystone of our Republic.  Every illegal vote diminishes the rights of legal voters.  It is a grand conspiracy, aided and abetted by the media, elected officials and indeed winked at by some Republicans. The left has lately resorted to the tactics of most communist style dictatorships, they lie and use the media to echo their lies.  Anyone who challenges them or confronts them with the truth is denounced, called a  racist and shouted down. The left loses on truth, they argue emotions and trust legacy media to slant reporting their way to win the day. This is no longer working because enough voters no longer trust them. The media “awards” them the narrative and gives them the “facts” but today this no longer enough, the left is losing. So they have grown desperate.  That becomes more evident with each passing day.  The media claims that voter fraud is a myth. Of course a study just might produce proof that voter fraud is both real and widespread.

There is evidence that voter fraud is real.  A May 30th story in the National Review, by John Fund,  cites a Public Interest Legal Foundation report that in Virginia, 5,556 voters were recently removed from the voting roles for being non citizens. It also found that a third of them had cast ballots illegally.  This was a fairly small study but it suggests strongly that if we investigate further it will be just the tip of the iceberg.

An organization that uses fraud to win elections must surely be in violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act , RICO.   Two or more organized acts of criminal activity would enable the Department of Justice to prosecute everyone in the organization.   Would the criminal act of  the inducement and encouragement of voter fraud be enough to bring it under RICO?  Think back to the ACORN scandal, ring a bell there anyone?

It isn’t evidence of fraud to consider the legions of stories about every voter in some districts in Philadelphia and Baltimore voting in an election and all voting the same way.  About ballots mysteriously appearing just in time to overturn elections results.  As far as I know those stories have no more validity than the recent Democrat claims that repealing Obama care will kill millions. Evidence requires proof.

President Trump formed a civil commission to investigate.  Legacy media and Democrats are lock step in trying to prevent this.  They are howling and denouncing the mere effort of studying the issue. Why? Because the left already knows the truth. Voter fraud is real and widespread and they see a major loss of power if their scam is exposed. Was it so long along that they all sung the same refrain of “illegals don’t commit violent crimes” as they declared that anyone daring to disagree was a racist?

So perhaps instead of a commission we might see a federal grand jury formed for a real criminal investigation under the United States Attorney’s Office.  If people (including some prominent political figures) have acted illegally against the rights of all Citizens should they not be exposed, if not prosecuted?

As the left correctly states, voter suppression is an awful thing. Is voter fraud any less hideous?