DCNF Editor-in-Chief Calls Media’s Response To Charlie Gard ‘Cynical’ and ‘Political’ [VIDEO]

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The Daily Caller News Foundation’s editor-in-chief, Christopher Bedford, appeared on “Fox and Friends” Wednesday and called the media’s response to the brain-dead infant Charlie Gard “cynical” and “political.”

Gard has a mitochondrial disease that has affected his brain function. Gard’s parents sought to bring him to America for an experimental treatment in the hopes of reversing his condition. British courts stepped in, however, blocking their attempts and giving the hospital the right to end Gard’s life.

“Fox and Friends” showed a clip of MSNBC’s foreign correspondent Matt Bradley saying that President Donald Trump was trying to use this tragedy to score political points. Trump tweeted Monday about the issue, saying the U.S. would do what it could in partnership with Pope Francis.

Bedford thought Bradley’s reaction was uncalled for, saying, “I think Matt’s being pretty cynical and pretty political here.”

Bedford pointed out that the vatican offered to do anything it could to help despite the European court’s thinking “they know what’s best.” He added that this media backlash is a result of cynicism run amuck on the left.

“It doesn’t matter if Donald Trump says good morning how are you? Or if Donald Trump says I want to help this chronically ill baby…people are going to say this is evil Donald Trump,” said Bedford.

He then discussed if the Pope was being political by stepping in, saying, “the Pope is only political when he’s on the side of liberals. But if the Pope says something that can be misinterpreted to back up what the Democratic party might push, then you’ll hear about it in every single section of the news.”

Bedford added that whenever the Pope or Trump talk about a universal issue like the “the sanctity of life” or helping a sick child, “there is no love at all” from the media.

“It’s a complicated and sad issue,” said Bedford. “What is crystal clear here is that in the courts in the United Kingdom and in the courts in Europe, have said that they have the right to choose that this child will die before the parents want to give up fighting.”

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