Trump Misses His Limo, Twitter Thinks He Is ‘Confused’

Amber Athey | Media and Breaking News Editor

President Trump accidentally walked past his limo upon arriving back in Washington, DC on Tuesday, which some observers cited as further evidence that he may be mentally unstable.

Trump stepped off the plane and walked past a limo that was parked right in front of the plane steps. He apparently didn’t realize the limo was intended for him, and his aides had to redirect him to get inside.

Some Twitter users, including GQ correspondent Keith Olbermann, guessed that this is just another sign of mental instability from the president.

Of course, many times when de-boarding Air Force One, Trump is directed into a helicopter or has to walk along the tarmac before getting in his next ride or greeting guests. Furthermore, as one user pointed out, the Secret Service often employs the use of decoy limos to keep the president safe.

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