CNN Plummets To 1 Star Rating On App Store After Threatening Reddit User

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CNN plummeted to a one-star rating on Apple’s app store just days after the network published an article that appeared to threaten to publicly identify an anonymous Reddit user who made a video depicting President Trump body-slamming the CNN logo.


Out of 3,215 total ratings awarded to the CNN on the app store, 3,063 of them were one-star ratings. Angry users flooded the app with negative ratings on Wednesday and Thursday, with many of them outraged over CNN’s coverage of Reddit user HanAs.  (RELATED: ‘Extremely Unethical’ — CNN Draws Backlash After Threatening To ID Reddit User Behind Trump’s WWE Video)

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“CNN is a tabloid masquerading as a legitimate news organization. Its ‘reports’ are littered with opinion, and it spends too much time trying to convince its readers/viewers what they should think instead of simply keeping them informed about what is happening in the world (and letting them make up their own minds),” one of the thousands of one-star reviews stated. “Thus far I have had no trouble accessing the biased filth I have come to expect from this once-proud organization. It’s a bit like having a waiter on-hand to feed me all the pig excrement I can eat: the service is nice, but the product is horrible.”

“If I could give negative stars, I would. What used to be a respectable, if not left leaning news source has become as far left as Breitbart is far right,” one recent reviewer wrote. “It’s become a satire of itself and of journalism as a profession. I’m glad the world can finally see CNN for the circus show it’s become.”

“I downloaded this app as a favor for a friend who was searching for a reliable news outlet. The style of the app was appealing and the ease of use was nice,” one reviewer started off, before describing being turned off by CNN’s bias: “There was a systematic disregard for objective viewpoints. The authors write using accusatory language that leads the uninformed reader to specific and planned out conclusions.” The reviewer, “Big E the attorney,” concluded: “Based on everything I can see it appears that the accusations of CNN being fake news are correct.” The app store states: “9 out of 9 customers found this review helpful.”

Many negative reviews focused on CNN’s coverage of the Reddit user.

One of the thousands of negative reviews of CNN on the app store (Screenshot/Apple App store)

“They had no right to do what they did over something as silly as a meme,” one reviewer wrote. “You have gone too far this time, to attack a mere meme farmer for a simple joke? Pathetic,” another stated.

Another reviewer noted the network’s “campaign to gag a person on Reddit through threats of DOXING for posting a meme,” adding: “They are a shadow of their former glory and are now activists not journalists. ”

Some reviewers gave CNN better ratings but seemingly still did so as a way to troll the network.

“Bruh I got a bone in my boneless pizza and CNN won’t even report it,” wrote one July 5 reviewer, who gave CNN a rather neutral three stars.

Another reviewer gave CNN five stars but pretended he was being blackmailed by the network to do so. “They are the best and I am making this review completely of my own free will. Please give them lots of money and more great reviews. Once again I am not under any blackmailing threat and am doing this on my own free will,” the reviewer wrote, concluding: “Please don’t hurt me CNN.”

The negative reviews were still flooding in on Thursday afternoon.

“They are against innocent civilians and promote doxing of anyone they don’t agree with,” one of the most recent reviewers stated. “On top of that they push false narratives just to make a buck. Crap.” Another wrote: “Let the meme war continue, fake shitheads.”