G20 Protestor Flips Off Cops, Gets Tear Gassed [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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A G20 protestor thought he was really tough giving cops the middle finger, but the cops ruthlessly tear gassed him and sent him running.

The G20 Summit in Hamburg, Germany has been heavily protested by anti-capitalists, leading to many violent clashes between protesters and police. Riot police have been using armored vehicles, water hoses, tear gas, and flash bombs to disperse the agitated crowds.

MSNBC captured arguably the most humorous moment from the chaos, in which a scrawny protester flipped the police the double bird in a Wild-West style standoff.

The riot police had no time for the protester and chucked some tear gas his way, sending him and the rest of the crowd of people running away.

The protester’s awkward, shuffle-like gait looked like something out of a vintage cartoon.

The NBC News correspondent in Hamburg stated obviously, “clearly you can see the crowd doesn’t like [the tear gas.]”


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