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POTUS Gives His View Of Russia In The 21st Century

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We’re hearing a lot about Russia these days. Russia did this, Putin did that, the Russkies are such-and-such. But what does the President of the United States think about this whole thing? Does he think Russia is a threat to America?

Here’s his view, in his own words:

Whoops! Never mind, I guess?

Look, man, here’s my view on all this Russia stuff: Either way is fine with me. If you can nail Trump on it, okay. If it’s true, I’m not going to defend it or make excuses for it. Too bad for him. But if it’s not true, if this latest thing is just another cry of “волк,” I’m not going to defend the media.

I don’t like any of you people. You all make me sick. It’s like Election 2016 all over again: No matter who wins, I’ll be glad that somebody loses.

And no matter what, eventually the result will be the same:

Sooner or later, Mike Pence is going to be the next President of the United States. If the people who hate and fear him want to put him in the Oval Office sooner than later, okay. Get your red gowns and white bonnets dry-cleaned and ready, gals. Prepare for the conversion camps, LGBT community. Let’s get this party started!