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Daily Vaper: The ULTRONER by Raiders Review

YouTube screenshot/Mike Godwin

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter

The ULTRONER vape mod is made up of brass and stabilized wood. It’s brass on the top and bottom, and it’s wood in the middle where you hold it. It is supported by one 18650 battery. This mod is considered a hybrid mechanical mod, which is not suitable for beginners. There is a great deal of precaution needed to properly use this mod.

The reviewer says,”This is one nice piece of brass and stabilized wood from Raiders company.” Also making sure to note, “I see many pros on this mod and just two cons – magnets are too strong inside the fire button and there no lock ability.” He loves how comfortable it is to use and that it looks very stylish. Furthermore, the vapor and flavor produced is very good. Ohm’s law and battery safety must be followed when using mechanical mods.

Original ULTRONER Raiders Mod on sale for $63.06

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