Clinton Chief Of Staff: Trump Gets Economic Message Right [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Mack McLarty, the chief of staff for former president Bill Clinton, advised Democrats on Monday that they could be more effective if they adopted a Trump-like economic message.

During a Monday interview, MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked McLarty about a new poll that indicated only 37 percent of Americans think the Democratic Party stands for something. Meanwhile, 52 percent think the Democrats only stand against Trump.

McLarty said he does believe the Democrats “stand for something” but couldn’t really say what that “something” may be.

“They’ve got to do more than just stand against Trump,” McLarty said. “I think it’s always difficult when you’re in the minority to come out with a coherent, broad message.”

“If the messaging is not going to be just anti-Trump, what should the messaging be?” Jackson pressed.

McLarty argued that Democrats have to embrace a message on jobs and the economy and admitted that President Trump gets a lot of things right in that area.

“I don’t think theres any question that the message should be a real focus on jobs and how were really going to broaden and strengthen this economy,” McLarty said. “President Trump has proposed some ways to do that in terms of infrastructure development and tax reform, all hard but doable.”


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