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In March, the Daily Dealer had the pleasure of reviewing wireless bluetooth headphones made by ZEALOT. We loved them, so much so in fact that we got our readers an exclusive discount. Now we are proud to announce that we’ve gotten our readers another exclusive discount on a ZEALOT tech product: this wireless bluetooth speaker. It normally costs $100, but it is under $45 with the code IJAYSZK9.

Normally $100, this bluetooth speaker is 56 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $100, this bluetooth speaker is 56 percent off with this code (Photo via Amazon)

ZEALOT S7 Bluetooth Speakers Touch Sensitive Gesture Control Quad-Driver Wireless Home Theater System with Enhanced Bass and 10000 mAh Power Bank on sale for $44.39 with code IJAYSZK9

This speaker offers an immersive sound experience, with two sets of loudspeaker units. The four powerful speakers and passive subwoofers provide excellent bass, so you never miss out on low frequencies. That makes it ideal for a home theatre set up. Furthermore, it is easy to use with its touch control, and its powerful battery allows up to 8 hours of playtime. (Plus, it doubles as a power bank, so it can actually charge your other devices while it plays your music).

I’m not the only one to laud this speaker as a great addition to your home. Eighty-five percent of customers have given it a perfect 5 out of 5 stars, leading to an impressive 4.7-star rating. Perhaps even more noteworthy is the fact that not a single customer has given it a 1-star review. That is rare!

Here is just a sampling of the kind of reviews this speaker has merited:

KM Elle wrote:

 The design of this speaker is outstanding! I can not sing it’s praises loud enough! It ha super cool touch screen controls that glow ina beautiful blue. You can use the system with blue tooth or via the aux cord and receive impeccable sound quality. I turned the volume as loud as it could go and was not bothered by any feedback or distortion. It really makes my office look state of the art!
 Jay wrote, in a review titled “Great sounding speakers!”:

This speaker is great!!! Sound quality is awesome, the bass range is phenomenal and the wireless aspect is amazing! I tested the wireless quality in the patio with great performance and sound awesome. I purchased this speaker and could not be more pleased. It pairs easily and consistently. It is a true 5 star product.
For such a small speaker, this thing really wows me! I am amazed at how well it works! It’s got a nice heft to it, the bass is present, but not loud. It has nice fidelity. Connects and works as expected, with no issues.
Very well built and the quality is great for such a small speaker system. I purchased it for camping, but I like quality of the sound so much I use it a home all the time with my iphone 6 using Bluetooth. I can even control my iphone from the speaker system. The unit is built solid for it’s size. It won’t disappoint you at this price point.

One reviewer even went so far to say that “I’ve Found My New BFF”:

I was on a mission to find a greater speaker I had one that packs a great sound and fits in your hand but I wanted one that was a bit larger. The speaker deserves this rating it’s what I needed and wanted in a speaker. It’s loud and just the right size. Not huge but still has quality sound. I used it with my IPhone and my Laptop while watching a movie. I haven’t used the call feature but I did take calls and can hear them clearly through the speaker. I will get another one because want to use as a surround sound I think it will do the job. Also the speaker talks.

There are many reviews along the lines of those three, so be sure to check them out. They all are along the same lines – this is an excellent speaker. And for $45? It can’t be beat.

This speaker is easily operated by touch sensitive gesture control (Photo via Amazon)

This speaker is easily operated by touch sensitive gesture control (Photo via Amazon)

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