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Rabid Bobcat Chews On Dude’s Hand

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Animals are dumb. With very few exceptions, I hate them all. Until today I didn’t hate bobcats more than, say, pandas. But that has now changed.

According to the Associated Press, the bobcat (which is now dead, thankfully) tested positive for rabies. I hear the shots for that are really grueling. I hope this guy and his dog are okay.

These animals keep forgetting who’s the boss around here: Us. We should do something like The Purge, except with animals. Once a year, we should set aside 12 hours where it’s legal to kill as many animals as you want, in any way you want. And if any of those animal-rights activists try to get in your way, dealing with them would be legal too. Remind all these four-legged fiends, and their miserable enablers, that they exist at our whim.

I say we do this every July 3rd. And then the next day… barbecue!