ESPN Continues To Do Its Best To Ruin The Fun Around McGregor Vs. Mayweather

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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ESPN continued its trend of trying to squash all the fun out of Floyd Mayweather’s fight against Conor McGregor in a recent column.

An article titled, “MAYWEATHER AND MCGREGOR COULDN’T SELL A FIGHT, SO THEY SOLD HATE,” was published Tuesday on ESPN’s subsidiary site The Undefeated, which can reasonably be considered the headquarters for social justice warriors in the sports world.

Author Mike Wise’s argument is so ridiculous it’s hard not to laugh at times. The title alone is a flat out lie. This fight has had no problem drawing an audience. It is drawing every UFC fan out there and all of Mayweather’s fans are committed. To pretend that people won’t watch this fight is a lie, and there is no way to spin it as anything else.

Lets now move onto the meat of this hysterical article.

Wise wrote at one point:

The realists will tell us that the litany of f-bombs simply translate to “business partner.” And there were winking denials of racism. But Mayweather and McGregor didn’t just cross boundaries of race, bigotry, misogyny and profanity this past week — they obliterated them, bleeping their way through a two-continent, four-city tour of filth.

Here’s a newsflash ESPN: not every single thing that is said involving race is automatically racist, and not everything said involving members of the opposite sex is misogynistic. It’s sad that we’re sitting here in 2017 and some people still don’t realize this simple fact. Boxers talk garbage and say insane things. It’s been that way for decades, and it’ll continue to be that way for the next several decades.

Luckily, Wise was far from done spouting off nonsense. He continued with the following passage:

See, we live in Rear-Naked-Choke America, where anything goes. Where we can be as sinister as we want as long as someone pays attention and buys the trash we sell. Only one topic was off-limits — although it is a part of both Mayweather’s and the UFC’s unseemly past. Shocker, no? Domestic violence against women never came up once.

Once again we have an ESPN pundit pretending that people are ignoring Mayweather’s criminal history, and yet again, that’s a lie. In fact, I have specifically called out Mayweather’s criminal history. Does this mean I’m a more honest and trustworthy reporter than the entire establishment of ESPN? We’ll have to let the readers decide.

Finally, it wouldn’t be ESPN without some unnecessary drama. The best part in Wise’s articles was over the top and awesome.

He wrote:

But we never talk about the abyss we’re plunging down if we keep letting ugliness under the cloak of “promotion” go: the racism, the homophobia, the consistent disrespect for women among McGregor, Mayweather, their camps and the warped among us who laugh and encourage them to ratchet up the venom.

We fall into that hole and there’s no getting out.

Hey Mike, dramatic much these days? Why end with our entire society falling into a hole over this fight? Why not just insinuate we might all get cancer and die? If you’re going to go completely crazy, at least go all the way. Hell, maybe if we don’t stop this fight every nuclear missile will fire off and kill us all in a “Terminator” style meltdown just to save society.

Keep up the great work ESPN. I have absolutely no idea why people have stopped watching your network. It’s a complete mystery to me.

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