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Britain Defeats Charlie Gard

REUTERS/Peter Nicholls - RTX3COVJ

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A tiny little kid fighting for his life, versus the British legal system. It was only a matter of time.

Joshua Gill reports:

Charlie Gard’s parents gave up the legal battle to save their son’s life Monday morning, as it is now too late to treat him…

What was expected to be a fight to the finish — after two international hospitals came forward with evidence for nucleoside bypass therapy, Dr. Michio Hirano’s testimony on Gard’s behalf, U.S. lawmakers granting Gard and his parents permanent U.S. residency — became an unexpected tearful surrender, according to an AP report.

“This case is now about time,” said barrister Grant Armstrong, legal representation for Gard’s parents. “Sadly time has run out.”

They spent so long fighting to get him the treatment that they hoped would save his life, over the objections of the doctors and lawyers who claimed they knew better, that now it’s too late.

The Greater Ormond Street Hospital, where Gard is being held against his parents’ will, put out this statement:

Our staff share the parents’ sadness over Charlie, whom they have cared for with dedication during the months he has spent at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We were heartened to hear their appreciation of our staff’s care in their recent public statement…

This has been an incredibly complex case, going to the heart of medical ethics and when, and if, experimental treatment is acceptable for children suffering from rare diseases. We would like to acknowledge all those who have contributed their expertise and advice.

It doesn’t seem “incredibly complex” to me. Charlie’s parents wanted to do anything possible to save him. They were prevented from doing so. Pretty simple.

They did what they could. God bless them and their little son.