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Bath Time: The White House Purge; Twitter Outraged With Trump’s Unorthodox Ways

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White House pandemonium – It’s hard to keep up with what might the most chaotic administration in presidential history. Newly appointed Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci is here to make it easy and just “fire everyone.” For the latest, read here.

Tensions run high in the Senate – Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) questioned the President’s mental stability just hours before the debate on the contentious health care bill.

Collins told Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) the President’s budget proposal was “incredibly irresponsible,” to which Reed added, “He’s crazy.” A “worried” Collins agreed that Trump was clueless and probably does not even know there’s a Budget Control Act.

Collins didn’t stop there. She went on to attack Rep. Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) for his physical appearance, saying “He’s so unattractive, it’s unbelievable. (RELATED: HOT MIC: Unidentified Sen. Tells Susan Collins She ‘Could Beat S**T Out Of Blake Farenthold’)

Collins, who’s not exactly a looker herself, has been very vocal in her contempt for the proposed health care bill. She has since apologized to Farenthold, who has weirdly apologized to her too. Sure, he said some stuff about dueling opposing senators had they been men from Texas. But at least he never called her “ugly.”

Scouts honor – President Trump’s speech at the National Scout Jamboree on Monday has attracted a cascade of criticism with many media outlets accusing the President of using the traditionally non-partisan event as a personal platform.

Before about 45,000 people, Trump gave what many felt was an inappropriate and self-righteous speech that called out fake news, the “cesspool” that is D.C. and his predecessor President Obama. Twitter — particularly Trump’s arch nemesis Rosie O’Donnell  and the usuals who despise him — was outraged with the President’s performance.

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