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Afternoon Mirror: Breitbart’s ‘London’ Bureau Chief Is Having An Identity Crisis

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Quote of the Day:

“Spare me.”

Axios reporter Jonathan Swan in reaction to a NBC New York tweet that said, “Source also says women in admin, including Ivanka and Melania Trump, were “disgusted” by Scaramucci’s language.” 

Eater’s Helen Rosner also reacted… to that, saying, “I’d rather watch a thousand synchronized Bannon’s suck their own dicks on a whirling Busby Berkeley stage than give one shit how Ivanka feels.”

Ex-White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci gets TMZ’ed. See here. He appreciates the TMZ film crew chasing him around because he “knows they have a job to do.”











Trump starts his day by insulting the media 

“Only the Fake News Media and Trump enemies want me to stop using Social Media (110 million people). Only way for me to get the truth out!” — President Trump.

College lecturer Kevin Allred who taught  a class on Beyoncé… at Rutgers called for Trump’s death –specifically for the Prez to be shot. But he’s just joking. He has since deleted his tweet and has been blocking Trump supporters as well as The Mirror even though I have no recollection of ever interacting with him. Read here.

IJR‘s Senior Editor Jason Howerton remarked, “Lol this dude literally thinks he’s like a martyr cuz he got fired for saying he wants the president to be shot.”

Allred was fired before starting Montclair State University, where he was set to be a women’s studies prof.

The delete that prompted his firing: “Trump is a f***ing joke. This is all a sham. I wish someone would just shoot him outright.”

A Mirror follower writes in… about my story about romance rumors between Scaramucci and FNC’s Kimberly Guilfoyle. In the piece, I reported that President Trump said he thinks Guilfoyle is attractive: “Gross that we know the president has openly talked about how he thinks she’s hot. It was gross with Monica, still gross now.”

Tamron Hall on the reality of TV life 

“I live in a TV world where easily you can think my life is glamorous, but I know I wake up looking like a black Bart Simpson.” — Tamron Hall on her beauty routine, as published by US WEEKLY Mag.

Just Asking Questions…

“Is there a good right wing PR firm in DC?” — Charles C. Johnson, GotNews.

Speaking of Johnson… he recently accused The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza of not respecting “off-the-record” requests. See here.

Why can’t this MSNBC host pronounce Olivia Nuzzi’s name? 

“Olivia Nutsy” — Really Hazy…is she Nutsy?

Chris Hayes, Friday night on his MSNBC “All In” program.

The Italian pronunciation is technically “Newt-zee.” But as it turns out, few people actually know how to say it. Even Nuzzi isn’t 100 percent certain about it: “Nobody has ever said it correctly and to be honest I’m never even sure I’m saying it correctly and it’s been my name since 1993. But people say it all different ways: Newsy, Nuh-zee, Newtsee. Even in my family it varies. And so the first time I went on Chris’s show, this is at the beginning of my career, right before air he said to me, ‘Do you pronounce your name the right, Italian way?’ And I was like uhhhh yes? Cause what do you say? And that’s how I stuck to Newt-zee And to be honest, ‘Newsy’ would be ridiculous. That’s like those meteorologists with the last name breeze or snow.” She says the alt-right pronounces it “Nazi.”

Washington Examiner‘s politics editor wants dry salad

“I’m chairman of Citizens for Less Soggy Salads.” — Jim Antle. 

Journo wants to work with iguanas 

“I worked in political journalism for a decade, I feel like I am both qualified for and deserving of a job in the Keys managing iguanas.” — Adam Weinstein, senior editor, Task and Purpose, previously, Gawker, Mother Jones, and WSJ. He’s reacting to a Florida job alert for a “fish and wildlife bio scientist to work in #Marathon managing iguanas.”

TIME Mag WH correspondent  issues note of caution about Trump White House 

Westwood One News Radio’s Bob Costantini: Sarah Sanders makes clear COS Kelly has control over all White House staff; Scaramucci out with Trump blessing over New Yorker language.

NBC White House reporter Ali Vitali: FWIW, this is a level of consolidation to the chain of command we’ve not yet seen from this WH. Basic move, to be sure, but notable.

TIME’s Zeke Miller: A note of caution: Everyone is saying the right things, but the true test will be whether this works in practice, or if old habits reemerge.

NYT Jonathan Martin: “Newest line by sources asking to on background: ‘I don’t need to pull a Mooch.’ Update that Safire dictionary.

Jonathan Swan: I’ve been told ‘don’t Lizza me.’

The Mooch is gone

“In all seriousness, this is a sad story. Not a laugher. Guy sold his company, divorced his wife, didn’t see his kid’s birth, for…this.” — The Daily Beast‘s Sam Stein.

NBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough replied simply, “+1.”

“Ides of Mooch.” — NYT‘s White House correspondent Glenn Thrush.

By the way…here’s Thrush’s insane diet: 

“1.5 bagels, cream cheese, lox, big peach, bag of sweet tarts, Twix, cheese popcorn, 5 coffees, 4 Diet Dr Peppers. I don’t like Moochdays…”

Back to The Mooch…

“Love all the reporting on how Scaramucci offended the Trump family’s delicate sensibilities.” — The Daily Beast‘s Betsy Woodruff.

“I’ll fire my whole team! Me first.” — Mary Katharine Ham, CNN, The Federalist.

“Technically Mooch never even started in the job.” — Ben White, Politico.

“Does Spicer stay now?” — Guy Benson, political editor, Townhall.

“Still do not buy for a second that Scaramucci thought he was off the record in New Yorker interview.” — Katie Pavlich, Townhall editor, Fox News contributor.

“CNN playing the Access Hollywood tape right now….#Scaramuccieeffect” — Yashar Ali, New York Mag, HuffPost, and Mother Jones. 

“Source close to Scaramucci decision, ‘Kelly wants a conventional WH staff, and knows he couldn’t control Mooch.'” — Mike Cernovich, conservative personality, national security reporter, filmmaker.

“Few stars shine as brightly or as briefly as Scaramucci, who this time 2 weeks ago was anonymous and married.” — Greg Ó Ceallaigh, a Barrister in London.

“Trump to Mooch: Scooch!” — Chuck Ross, reporter, The Daily Caller.

“Is anyone else thinking about how Scaramucci must be annoyed at how much time he spent deleting his old tweets? That’s a v tedious task.” — Saba Hamedy, CNN.

“Thank you Anthony Scaramucci for your service. I speak for a grateful nation when I say ‘has it really only been 11 days?!?'” — Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.).

“To summarize: Spicer quit because of Scaramucci, who took down Priebus, who was replaced by Kelly, who took down Scaramucci.” — WaPo media writer Paul Farhi.

“If you’re not ready for media fawning over the leadership of generals in the belief generals can lead anyone & anything, sorry.” — MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell.

Farewell to The Mooch

“Whew. Glad I didn’t waste $50 on a Scaramucci jersey.” — Jason Kander, president, Let America Vote, CNN contributor.

Bill Kristol expresses concern about Scaramucci lying 

Kristol: “Scaramucci, Thursday: ‘I’ve got digital fingerprints on everything they’ve done through the FBI and the f_ing Department of Justice.'”

Kristol: “Either Scaramucci is lying or has broken the law. Journalists should insist today on being told which it is.”

Instapundit bashes MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski 

Mika Brzezinski: “It’s time for Donald Trump’s family members to get out of the way.”

Instapundit: “Says woman whose career is based on her father.”

Breitbart big-shot non-“London” bureau chief Raheem Kassam refuses to appear on the BBC because he doesn’t like the network calling his site the ‘far right’ even though that’s what they are. 

Reminder: Kassam lives in Washington, not London.













Trump WH allegedly reviewed Fox News story about Seth Rich

Vanity Fair‘s Gabriel Sherman: Wow: new federal lawsuit alleges Trump White House reviewed Fox News article about murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich prior to publication.

Broadband Census M.E. Andrew Feinberg (formerly Sputnik): Happy to talk to you about how Sputnik wanted this pushed during WH press briefings and canned me when I refused.

Daily Mail‘s David Martosko cautions against self-importance 

“Today is a good reminder of what should always happen to public servants who would rather be something important than do something important.” — Daily Mail‘s David Martosko on Monday.

Media Matters Prez wants Fox News’s Sean Hannity ousted 

I’m sure Hannity cares.

“Sean Hannity vindicated Media Matters’ warnings that he is a full-blown propagandist not to be trusted or associated with,” wrote Angelo Carusone. “Sean Hannity’s malfeasance and machinations have now been fully exposed. We now know that back in May when Hannity was promoting the Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory, it wasn’t just some random occurrence, but rather part of a broader collaboration between the White House, Fox News, and political operatives aimed at fueling a distraction from the Trump administration’s problems.”

“This is hardly the only instance of Sean Hannity functioning as a disinformation propagandist. It’s basically his business model these days. It’s time for Fox News to fire Sean Hannity. And if Fox doesn’t fire him, advertisers should boycott Hannity’s show so they are not complicit in Hannity’s deceit and destruction.”