Is Outback Steakhouse A Sinister Satanic Cult? Here’s The Evidence

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Outback Steakhouse has responded to a social media theory that its restaurants are strategically clustered in America’s vast suburban wastelands to form pentagram patterns on maps.

Specifically, the Australian-themed casual dining chain responded with an image featuring a large plate of deep-fried onions — Outback’s signature item — hovering on a map.

The theory that Outback Steakhouse locates its restaurants in formations which roughly replicate the five-sided star inside the occult-related Sigil of Baphomet insignia appears to have sprung up on Twitter last week.

Various Twitter users showed that they could draw pentagrams connecting Outback Steakhouse locations near New York, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Atlanta and Cincinnati — and in suburban splotches of North Carolina and Virginia, according to Cincinnati ABC affiliate WCPO.

The people who run Outback Steakhouse’s social media account eventually responded to the mounting pile of evidence by tweeting a map featuring the restaurant’s Bloomin’ Onion appetizer.

Outback Steakhouse has not mentioned the bizarre Twitter theory since tweeting the image of the appetizer. (RELATED: NASA Totally Swears It Is Not Brutally Enslaving Children On Mars)

On Friday, an Outback spokesman swore to The Daily Dot that the restaurant chain only seeks to “bring bold steaks and Bloomin’ Onions to our guests!”

According to the website Know Your Meme, conspiracy theorists have observed the allegedly nefarious location patterns of Outback Steakhouse restaurants for at least three years. (RELATED: High School Teacher Impresses 16-Year-Old Sweetheart With A Date To Olive Garden)

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