Antifa-Loving Journo Can’t Stop Getting Owned On Twitter

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Ian Miles Cheong Contributor
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Getting owned online is a daily occurrence for leftist journalist Dan Arel, an avid promoter of political violence and Antifa.

On Wednesday, Arel accused political commentator Dave Rubin of being a Nazi. Rubin, who is of Jewish descent, put him in his place with a savage reply that sent Arel to the burn unit, where he continued to tweet in vain at the popular Internet talk show host until he made his account private.

“Lauren Southern tried to actively kill refugees and @RubinReport is trying to get her Patreon reinstated,” Arel wrote in a now-private tweet. “He’s Nazi fucking trash.”

Rubin replied with a scathing, four-point reply informing Arel of his Jewish heritage.

Arel — who’s a contributor for Huffington Post, Truthout, The Hill, and The New Arab — tried to rebound with a remark accusing Rubin of being “at bare fucking minimum” a “collaborator with those seeking to exterminate people of color and other ethnic groups from the planet.”

The self-proclaimed “award winning journalist” is known for his ceaseless tirades against “fascists,” a label he uses to describe anyone with whom he disagrees.

Arel openly aligns himself with Antifa extremism through open endorsement of violence, and bears the black flag on his Twitter profile to indicate his political alignment.

This isn’t the first time Arel made an ass of himself on social media. He started a Twitter firestorm this year when he tweeted “I believe rape victims” to virtue signal his status as a male feminist ally.

As with the feminist mantra of #ListenAndBelieve, which is often enforced under Title IX in colleges, Arel’s comment was taken to mean that he believed all rape claims unconditionally.

In response, popular Singaporean vlogger and anti-feminist firebrand Xiaxue responded with tweets stating mockingly that Arel had raped her, spawning the hashtag #DanArelRapedMe, which quickly took off. The tweets were intended to point out the flaw in his logic.

Arel didn’t take kindly to her remarks, and begged his followers to report her for harassment.

“Everyone, please block and report @Xiaxue who is trying to accuse me of rape because I said I believe victims of rape,” he pitifully tweeted, shortly before accusing her of being an “alt-right Nazi.”

The Internet wasn’t kind to Dan Arel that week, and he protected his account to avoid further shame —
just as he did today. It won’t be long before he goes public again and starts yet another round of self-humiliation. The masses await with eager anticipation.

Ian Miles Cheong is a journalist and outspoken media critic. You can reach him through social media at @stillgray on Twitter and on Facebook.