Michigan School Dress Code Controversy

Photo: Reuters

Jake Rennie Contributor
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Parents have received notice from the school board that their children are not permitted to wear clothing with semblance to the American flag, according to a letter posted to Fox2Detorit’s Facebook page.


After the dress code was made public, a litany of criticism pursued prompting Assistant Superintendent Peter Hedemark to reverse course.

In what critics are calling an attempt to save face, Hedemark announced that the letter was sent out in error and the school will not be imposing a broad brush ban on American flag attire.

The reason pundits believe the schools retractment is disingenuous is that Hedemark insisted the letter was a mistake while simultaneously stipulating that the flag is not to be worn “in a demeaning manner.”

In the dress code segment of the back to school letter issued to parents, prohibited items are listed and “U.S. Flag” appears in the right hand column.


“We apologize for the misunderstanding about the informational booklet that was mailed out this week” says Hedemark, while concurrently stating that “the specific language about the American flag states that it shall not be worn in a ‘demeaning manner.'”

Hedemark’s closing remarks say that the school “encourages proud, appropriate displays of our nation’s flag” without specifically defining what the school considers appropriate.