The NFL Might Be Changing Their Policy On Marijuana

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The NFL is now looking to change their stance on the use of marijuana. They sent a letter to the NFL Players Association to try and work together in order to conduct a study to have marijuana play a part as a source of pain management for the players.

The NFLPA has not responded to the letter from the NFL yet, according to Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, and his son Stephen have spoken about this issue. They both seem to want the policy on marijuana to be changed.

Roger Goodell, on the other hand is not as open to changing the NFL’s stance on the drug. Goodell argues that inhaling the smoke from the drug is not healthy for the players according to, which is a fair point. He also argues that the drug is addictive, but that argument could be made with any of the pain killers that players have been given after an injury.

The discussions for this policy change are ongoing and no decision will be made until at least 2020.