ABC News Shows ‘Sexy Vlad’ Putin On Vacation [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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ABC News anchors awkwardly talked about “Sexy Vlad” Putin’s “dancing pecs” while showing video of his recent fishing vacation in Siberia Monday morning.

It was unclear if the anchors were genuinely praising Putin’s fitness or just mocking his affinity for going shirtless, but either way the segment was one of the more uncomfortable news bits we’ve ever seen.

“Russian president loses his top again,” the chyron teased.

“Sexy Vlad is back, the outdoorsman,” Kendis Gibson, anchor on ABC’s “World News Now,” said while showing pictures of Putin’s recent outdoor vacation.

“Just doing a little fishing and flexing,” cohost Dianne Macedo said. “Oh, look at the dancing pecs!”

“Is he moving those on purpose?” Gibson asked with a gasp, as Macedo responded, “of course he is!”


“Those pecs are rocking, don’t come knocking,” Gibson continued. “Nothing says defense like shirtless men.”

The entire awkward segment lasted an almost unbearable minute and a half.

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