Ana Navarro Compares Trump Admin To ‘Las Vegas Brothel’ [VIDEO]


Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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CNN commentator Ana Navarro compared the shakeups in the Trump administration to “quickies” in a “Las Vegas brothel” on Monday.

When asked to grade the first 200 days of the administration, Navarro, who supported Jeb Bush in the 2016 election, said she would be generous to give it a “C- or a D.”

“In 200 days, he’s had very few good days,” Navarro asserted before launching into a breathless tirade against Trump.

“He failed at his signature promise of replace and repeal, his White House has had more people go in and out for quickies than a Las Vegas brothel,” she said to the laughter of CNN host Kate Bolduan. “The chaos that has ensued is absolutely insane. He keeps fabricating things and outright lying, he keeps tweeting like a deranged person. He has caused international incidents. The leaks out of his White House are like cheesecloth.”

“I’m not even going to go into the brothel comment,” Bolduan chuckled after Navarro was done.


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