Chelsea Handler Proves She Hates Free Speech And The First Amendment

(Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Fortune)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Chelsea Handler got into some hot water last night after tweeting a suggestion for U.S. lawmakers.

What was her suggestion? Nothing major, only to arrest those who say things she doesn’t like.

Wow, Chelsea. In less than 140 characters you demonstrated how ignorant and hypocritical you are. Well done. I think that’s actually a new record.

First of all, if you’re advocating for race sensitivity, you probably shouldn’t start your statements with things like “2 Chinese guys.” It reveals that you actually do see race, and it’s the first thing you see. PR 101, Chels.

Next, this incident took place in Berlin, Germany. Nearly 70 years later, the world is still acutely aware of one of the worst atrocities in modern history: German Nazism. Since Hitler reigned in Germany, and his country led one of the largest genocides in human history, we’re all still pretty sensitive to it.

In fact, German criminal code prohibits any “use of flags, insignia, uniforms, slogans and forms of greeting.” The country is really serious about Nazi revivalism, and their laws reflect that.

Since the United States actually fought with the Allies against Germany and its abhorrent slaughter of millions of innocents, it’s pretty widely understood that we don’t stand for Nazism. We basically tried to obliterate it off the face of the earth.

We also take the First Amendment of our Constitution pretty seriously. Since 1789 we as Americans have been guaranteed freedom of speech and expression. To suggest a law that would curtail this inalienable right is advocating for government censorship and imprisoning those with unpopular thoughts.

Also, doesn’t Chelsea Handler make a living off of being brash and insensitive? She’s even stated in her personal memoir, “Are You There Vodka? It’s Me Chelsea,” that she, along with 97% of women, hates red headed men. In her book, she says:

“My theory on the redheaded race is that they have no positive role models paving the way for them. It’s not like Ronald McDonald or Carrot Top have really helped their cause. Who are they supposed to model themselves after? Danny Bonaduce?”

That pretty much sinks her whole race sensitivity idea. She genuinely believes that people with red hair belong to a “race” and that they’re entirely below her, with no good role models.

Is Chelsea Handler an Irish potato famine denier? Is she calling for eradication of all red haired men since they have no positive role models and they freak her out? This sentiment is entirely absurd and should be insulting to anyone with a red haired loved one. It is only further proof Handler has no idea what she’s talking about, and lacks a basic understanding of logic.

Go home, Chelsea, you’re drunk.