Feds Increase Partnerships With Local Law Enforcement To Arrest Illegals

REUTERS/Ulises Rodriguez

Alex Pfeiffer White House Correspondent
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Immigration and Customs Enforcement has successfully expanded a program that allows state and local law enforcement to enforce immigration law, The Daily Caller has learned.

The 287(g) program, which allows local law enforcement to assist in the arrest and removal of illegal immigrants, has increased from 32 participating agencies in 16 states to 60 participating agencies in 18 states during President Trump’s time in office.

President Trump signed an executive order shortly after getting into office that directed the expansion of the 287(g) program. Former Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly called the program a “highly successful force multiplier” in a February memo and noted that between January 2006 and September 2015 the program identified 402,000 illegal immigrants.

The program was largely gutted by the Obama administration, but is now being put to use again under Trump. These new partnerships have been concentrated in Texas with 18 departments there joining the program in 2017. In July, five agencies in Texas signed 287(g) agreements. An ICE official has told TheDC that this growth will continue, albeit slowly as there are bureaucratic barriers slowing down the signing of agreements.

The expansion of this program is yet another sign that the Trump administration is serious about cracking down on illegal immigration, a key component of the president’s campaign for office. Trump has ordered the construction of a border wall and put all illegal immigrants, except those benefiting from Obama’s amnesty, up for deportation. The Justice Department also moved in the past week to restrict sanctuary cities from receiving certain grants.

Correction: Five agencies in Texas joined the program in July, not 18. 18 Texas agencies have joined in 2017.