MSNBC Host: Kellyanne Conway ‘Makes My Teeth Hurt’

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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough sharply criticized White House adviser Kellyanne Conway in a Monday “Morning Joe” interview, claiming she says things “so stupid that they make my teeth hurt.”

“Kellyanne Conway, again, doing the inexplicable,” Scarborough said. “Saying the inexplicable. Saying things that make my teeth hurt. When she is so stupid that they make my teeth hurt. Not her, but the words that come our of her mouth when she’s spinning. Talking about how Bob Mueller is giving to Democrats.”

Scarborough was referring to Conway’s criticism of special counsel Robert Mueller and his legal team’s political donations to Democrats, particularly former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The panel also took issue with the White House’s insistence that personal financial information be off-limits to Mueller and his investigators. This prompted Scarborough to accuse President Donald Trump of being blackmailed by Russian President Vladimir Putin for money laundering.

“There are some people suggesting that if it’s outside the scope of Russia collusion, Mueller can’t look at it. That goes to all his financial dealings. There’s not one person that doesn’t think this starts with money laundering from Russia,” Scarborough said. “People are even talking about the 1990s in Atlantic City and money laundering starting there. ”

“This is going to be expansive because you have to look into his financial dealings to see, the way I would put it, what Vladimir Putin has on Donald Trump,” he added.

Scarborough questioned Conway’s commitment in May and suggested that she was only working with Trump for money. Conway responded in a tweet saying, “My beliefs, commitments and loyalties are plain to see.”

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