People Are Not Happy I’d Fight A War To Protect Hot Women — Sad!

Chloe Ayling (Credit: Instagram)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Early this morning I suggested we fight a war in order to protect hot women around the globe, and some people were not pleased.

My suggestion came after model Chloe Ayling was abducted, and an attempt was allegedly made to sell her into sex slavery. My argument was a simple one. As freedom loving people, we must be willing to pay any price to protect attractive women from the evil in this world, and that includes fighting a global war.

Well, once again, the internet proved that some people don’t love women and the freedom women experience as much as I do. Sad!

Has our political discourse become so fractured we won’t even protect one of most valuable assets? How can we survive as a nation if we can look ourselves in the mirror knowing fully well we’re okay with models being kidnapped and sold into slavery?

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America is all about defending those who need it most and defending freedom. Those in the Middle East look at our models and their revealing photos with disgust. They force their women to cover up, and they oppress them. Here in America we’re a bastion of freedom for models and women in general.

If that’s not worth fighting a war to preserve, then I’m not sure what is worth fighting over. Are we so lost that we’d prefer our women to be treated like those in Saudi Arabia and Iran? That’s not the society I want to be a part of.

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I want attractive women to continue having the freedom to wear as little as they want. Do you disagree with me? Congratulations, you now share the same viewpoint as ISIS. How does it feel to side with the terrorists?

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Long live freedom, long live America and love live the rights of supermodels.

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