This Lamp Is The #1 New Release And I Can See Why

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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This lamp seems pretty neat, if I may. I had no problem believing it was the #1 new release among table lamps. It would be perfect in any room from a bedroom to a study. The product description describes it as “simple but vintage design, looks modern but also retro” and I could not agree more, with its wood base and linen shade.

That describes my aesthetic perfectly. Imagine how happy I was, then, when I found out the lamp is currently half off.

Normally $50, this lamp is 50 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Normally $50, this lamp is 50 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Lifeholder Table Lamp, Bedside Nightstand Lamp, Simple Desk Lamp, Fabric Wooden Table Lamp for Bedroom Living Room Office Study, Cylinder on sale for $24.89

There is only one negative review for this lamp, and it is in stilted English so I’m not sure how much credibility I give it. Every other review is positive with titles like “Absolutely adorable lamp!” “Fits right in with our decor,” and “A beautiful vintage lamp.” One notes that it “should blend in to almost any decorating scheme.” I like it.

This guy likes it (Photo via Amazon)

This guy likes it (Photo via Amazon)

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