‘Scandal’ Star Calls Trump Voters A Bunch Of ‘Stupid C**ks’

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Joshua Malina fired off an expletive tweet at Trump voters Wednesday, and has been ranting about the negative responses all day long.

After Trump issued a serious warning against North Korea on Tuesday, the “Scandal” star decided to take aim at the president and those who voted to make him commander-in-chief, Fox News reports.

“If you’re one of the stupid cocks who voted for this stupid cock, do you not feel like a stupid cock?” Malina tweeted.

The tweet obviously rubbed a large portion of the country the wrong way, and many who felt insulted by his comment reacted on Twitter.

“I thought you were a good actor from Sports Night, but you’re just another D list Hollywood idiot,” one Twitter user said. “You’ve lost my respect.”

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“I don’t feel stupid I feel proud I voted for Trump! You Hollywood communists don’t speak for middle America,” another wrote.

“Not even remotely funny,” another commented. “Your career as an actor is numbered. Never knew who you were and now know I really am glad I didn’t.”

Countless people are continuing to criticize Malina over social media, but he’s not taking back his comments and seems to be enjoying the reaction.

“Trump is a dangerous fool,” Malina tweeted on Wednesday. “His followers are a bubbly delight, however, as I’ve discovered this morning.”

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