Umpire Joe West Suspended Three Games

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Joe West, a senior umpire in Major League Baseball, has been suspended for three days after comments he made about the Texas Rangers’ third baseman Adrian Beltre.

In a report by USA Today, West said that Beltre was the biggest complainer in the league, according to ESPN. West also said Beltre told him that he was the worst umpire in the league. Beltre has spoken about the suspension and says that it is not necessary.

West and Beltre have even spoken about the comments, and West told Adrian he was just joking around with him. The World Umpire Association disagreed with the MLBs decision to suspend West and said that having exchanges with umpires is just apart of the game, according to ESPN.

After West and Beltre talked about the issue and West explained that he was just having some fun, the suspension seems pointless. There are many other reasons why a player or umpire should be suspended, and this definitely should not be one of them.

Joe West has been an umpire in the major league since 1976 and has worked over 5,000 regular season games throughout his career, and close to 130 in the postseason.

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Hannah Simmons