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Direct Lung vs. Mouth To Lung: What You Need To Know

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Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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There are two main ways to vape, DL (Direct Lung) and MTL (Mouth to Lung). Vape mods create the certain wattage and/or temperature to produce the method of heating the coils and liquid that make vapor production. But, it is mostly about the specific tank/atomizer that you use that delegates which method of vaping occurs. The airflow of a specific tank, resistance, and battery strength play a major role in obtaining a certain vaping experience. Choosing a certain tank, whether it be a sub-ohm, RTA, RBA, RDA, or RDTA and adjusting the specific settings will help get you your DL or MTL experience, whichever you prefer. Also, very important is the specific blend of liquid you choose. Here we look at which types of products will get you the best DL vape vs the best MTL vape.

What is MTL and DL?

MTL: You take the vapor into your mouth first, before inhaling to the lungs. This technique works best with tanks that use high ohm coils and high PG (propylene glycol) liquid blends. Vapers who use this method will tell you that you get a better flavor, but less vapor.

DL: You draw the vapor straight down into the lungs, much like breathing in deeply or sucking the air from a balloon. An optimum direct lung hit requires a vape mod with an RDA or sub-ohm tank, but high in VG (vegetable glycerin) liquid blends. Most of the flavor using this method is tasted on the exhale.

*Experiences may vary depending on the combination of mod, tank and liquid that is chosen. There are pros and cons with each type of vaping method. (This will be a separate article coming soon)

For the best MTL vape, the type of vaping equipment you want to have include: Tanks that use high ohm coils (1.2 ohm and above) such as some Aspire and Nautilus tanks (designed for low wattage), low battery strength vape mods (lower wattage potential) or just manually adjusted to a lower setting, (20w and below, arguably) and having a narrow drip-tip. E-juice should contain a substantial proportion of PG (anything up to 100%), with whatever nicotine strength you prefer. Many starter kits/tanks that are designed for perfect MTL vaping. There are many to choose from.

For the best DL vape, the type of equipment should include: Tanks such as Kanger subtank or Smok TFV (can support higher wattage with open airflow option), vape mods that are capable of high wattage output and a juice that’s higher in VG blend than PG. Nicotine levels of 6mg and below are advised, to counter the increased intake of vapor and the resulting throat hit. A wide drip tip is recommended here. There are loads of tanks out there that can support DL vaping. You just need to choose the ones that have certain specifics.

Airflow option for either DL or MTL: Adjusting the airflow on your tank to be wide open will make it easier to produce a DL draw. Closing it off, there will be more resistance, making it easier to have a MTL draw.

The vaping style ideal for you depends on your personal preferences. For this reason, I can’t say one technique is better than the other. However, you need to know certain aspects to enjoy either of the styles. If you are a newbie or an ex-smoker, MTL may provide a better way to step into the world of vaping and easily transition. When you eventually learn the ropes, you can switch to DL. (This is just a suggestion and one way to do it, everyone is different). In fact, finding your style is one of the many things that make the overall experience of vaping a lot more fun…Then you get to choose from thousands of flavors!