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Obama Plotting To Rebuild Political Party He Ruined

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As an Islamophobic torture-loving warmonger, I was a big fan of the first few seasons of 24. (Y’know, before Kiefer started looking like he was embarrassed and wanted to move on.) It was ridiculous, but I loved it. One of my favorite tropes was when Jack Bauer would get called on the carpet, and he’d bark something like: “Look, I know more about these bad guys than anybody. You gotta let me do this!” No matter how much death and destruction and chaos Bauer left in his wake, he was always the only guy who could fix things. It made sense from a TV production standpoint, because he was the star and they needed to keep up the frenetic pace of the show. But it strained credulity to the point where it became the funniest show on television.

For some reason, I’m reminded of that this morning. Amie Parnes, The Hill:

Former President Barack Obama will reemerge on the national scene this fall, though Democrats expect him to do so with caution…

Aides will huddle with Obama in the coming weeks to plot out what shape the former president’s fall schedule will take. Advisers close to him say that while he will play an active role in helping his party rebuild, much of his work will be behind the scenes.

Wait, wait, wait. Rebuild?

Why? What happened?

I hope the Democrats put Obama in the public eye as much as possible. They lost over 1,000 seats during his administration. Every time he pops up in the news, another Democrat loses an election. Yet his own approval ratings are great. He gets to run around soaking up the adulation he thinks he deserves, and the very people he’s hurting keep clamoring for more.

He’s Typhoid Barry. Here’s hoping the Dems don’t keep him in quarantine.

(Hat tip: Josh Hammer)