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It’s Wrong To Physically Attack People For What They Say, Even If What They Say Makes You Very Angry

Protests in Charlottesville (Ted Goodman, TheDCNF)

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I hate Illinois Nazis. I also hate Nazis in the other 49 states. What a bunch of complete losers. Even if one of these Nazi cosplayer pinheads hadn’t murdered someone in Charlottesville this weekend — and Virginia has the death penalty, so I hope James Alex Fields enjoys the feeling of that cold, cold needle going into his arm before they stop his heart and his cowardly, miserable life — even if the violence hadn’t escalated, these guys would still be pathetic.

I agree 100% with everything actor and straight-shooter Michael Rappaport says here. (Although you shouldn’t watch it if you don’t like rude language, because there’s plenty of it.)

These dorks are ridiculous. They’re weak and stupid. They don’t like the way their lives are going, so they blame everybody but themselves. They latch onto a failed ideology that a lot of Americans bled and died to defeat. They think it makes them tough and strong, but they’re just little boys playing make-believe. They’re not Nazis, they’re nobodies.

The same goes for Antifa. They call themselves “anti-fascist,” but they use fascist tactics to try to silence people who say things they don’t like. Then they rationalize it by saying it’s “self-defense.” I’m sorry, but this isn’t self-defense:

You can yell and scream at these guys for their stupid flags and salutes and “14 words” and all their other garbage. You have the right to talk back to them. But beating them up is wrong. It makes you as un-American as they are.

This is wrong:

This is wrong:

You have the right to be angry. You do not have the right to attack people, no matter how angry you are.

Trump made a vague statement about this madness. It’s not enough. He needs to call out both the alt-right morons and the Antifa dummies by name. And if he refuses to, he deserves the criticism he’s getting for it.

Political violence is wrong. It doesn’t matter how you justify it to yourself. It doesn’t matter how many memes you post of cartoon characters punching Hitler. If you take the law into your own hands to silence people, no matter how repulsive you find the things they’re saying, then you’re no better than they are.

But of course, it’s America in 2017, so being against political violence somehow makes me a Nazi sympathizer. It can’t be that I’m just tired of all this shit.

All this over a statue. A statue. It’s an inanimate object and it can’t hurt anything but your feelings. And on the other side of that coin, tearing down a statue isn’t an attack on the Master Race or whatever these imbeciles think they are.

Just stop. All of it. This is insane. Stop. Please stop.

Update: Andrew Anglin and the Daily Stormer have the right to be miserable pieces of ass-hair dandruff. And their ISP is under no obligation to help them spread their hate.