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Confederate Memorial Removed From Hollywood Forever Cemetery

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There’s nothing like a good ol’ moral panic to give everybody something to live for, is there? Gets the blood pumping, makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. For a little while, anyway. Until the next time you need a quick fix of outrage. And you will.

Leanne Suter, KABC:

Many people urged the Hollywood Forever Cemetery to remove a Confederate memorial on the property, and the group which owns the stone piece chose to do so Tuesday.

The memorial has been at the cemetery since 1925, but the decision to remove it came in a matter of hours because of growing outrage after the Charlottesville, Virginia chaos and threats of vandalism…

Not many people knew about the monument until the Los Angeles Times published an op-ed, sparking the massive call for its removal.

“I can’t believe an evil monument that has existed since before I was born, and that I didn’t know about until 5 minutes ago, is still there. This is a menace. Tear it down now!!!”

I have no problem taking down a monument to the losers of a war. But this sudden need to make all the decades-dead Confederates go away is just a sort of mob action. People are angry about Charlottesville, and Hillary bonking her head on the glass ceiling yet again, and all the other problems these folks think they have. They don’t know what to do, so they’re taking it out on inanimate objects.

If it stops people from running around hurting each other for five minutes, if it abates that formless anger for a bit, go right ahead and erase history. Make the bad feelings go away until you need another excuse to fly into a rage.

Are we going to start knocking down the individual gravestones of Confederate soldiers next? Maybe dig them up and put them through a struggle session? We really need to do something about all these Rebs hanging around being dead on American soil. Haven’t they done enough to this country already?