Racism: The Left’s Drug

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Elliot Resnick Chief editor of The Jewish Press
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Why is the Left so obsessed with the murder in Charlottesville?  The answer is simple.  Leftists believe America is evil.  That it is racist, bigoted, xenophobic, and misogynistic.  This belief is what gets them out of bed in the morning.  It’s their lifeblood.

The problem is that virtually no evidence for this belief exists.  Every honest study of nefarious prejudice in this country reveals it to be either non-existent or negligible.  As a rule, whites don’t hate blacks, men aren’t trying to subjugate women, and Christians don’t persecute gays.

Crimes of bigotry often appear in the news, but they almost always turn out to be, well, “fake.”  In Ferguson, Missouri, an innocent young black man was famously alleged to have been shot in cold blood by a cop as he held up his hands and cried, “Don’t shoot.”  Turns out the man didn’t raise his hands and was far from innocent (i.e., he had reached for the cop’s gun and punched his face).

In Greensville, Mississippi, a white racist last year was alleged to have set fire to a black church.  Turns out the arsonist was black.  After the election, three Trump supporters in New York were alleged to have harassed a docile Muslim woman on the subway.  Turns out the story was made up.  A few months ago, white anti-Semites were apparently threatening Jewish community centers across the country.  Turns out the offenders were a deranged Jew and a Hispanic leftist.

It’s actually pretty remarkable.  In a country of 320 million people, you would think that at least a few right-wing nuts would occasionally attack blacks, women, Muslims, and whichever other victim group the Left loves to pity.  Yet, every high-profile hate crime these past few years has either been a hoax or perpetrated by leftists who, by self-definition, cannot possibly be prejudiced.

Until now.  Last week, the Left finally got the kind of story it dreams of.  A white man on the Right plowed his car into a crowd of leftists, killing one and injuring 19.  The Left won’t let this go.  It can’t let it go.  Much like the Soviet communists who executed imagined “counter-revolutionaries” decades after the revolution ended, the Left needs to attack racism with fury even if racism has virtually ceased to exist in America.

Leftists may venerate Martin Luther King, but they actually have no desire to see his dream of a society where people are treated, not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character realized.  If it were, they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves.  They need racism to exist.  It’s their drug.  They live off it.

So now that an isolated racist incident has finally(!) occurred, the Left has pounced like a starved tiger.  It will milk this story for all it’s worth – and then some.  Every politician must immediately condemn racism.  And neo-Nazis.  And the KKK.  And white supremacists.  It doesn’t matter if the combined membership of these groups amounts to .00001 percent of the population.  Condemn them nonetheless.  Now!  Nothing is more important.

The whole thing is a charade – a charade orchestrated by leftists who don’t believe in God and who therefore have a created an alternate secularist religion for themselves – complete with an Inquisition.  Shame on the Republican establishment for going along with this farce.  And kudos to President Trump for not bowing at their altar of self-righteous piety.