Nick Saban Went On a Rant — Again

(AP Photo/, Vasha Hunt) MAGS OUT

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Nick Saban is preparing his team for the season opener against the Florida State Seminoles on September 2.

During a preseason press conference, Saban was asked about redshirt sophomore, linebacker Christian Miller. The reporter asked how Miller was doing in practice, and the question hit a nerve with Saban.

The coach came back with his own set of questions. Saban said, “Why do we even play? Why do we have practice? Why do we compete? Why do we coach guys? How they need to improve. I mean, you guys got all the answers to how guys are gonna be, what they’re gonna do.”

After he said what he wanted to say, he cooled off a bit and said Miller had been doing well in practice and thanked the reporter for asking. It seemed to ease the tension after the reporter got berated by Saban.

This is not Saban’s first rant and the season hasn’t even started yet, but it definitely won’t be his last.

Below is the video posted by Bama Insider on Youtube.