New England Patriots Gave President Trump A Super Bowl Ring

REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

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The New England Patriots visited the White House in April after winning the Super Bowl in February. According to USA Today, a spokesman for the Patriots said President Trump told Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots and a friend of the president that he was honored to have them as the first team to visit the White House.

The team gave the president a jersey and a helmet, which are the normal gifts a president receives when a team visits the White House. Kraft wanted to do something more for the president and someone he calls a close friend. Kraft gave President Trump a Super Bowl ring to say thank you for having them at the White House, for being treated so nicely, and having one of the best tours of the White House. The ring was customized to look exactly like the one each player and staff member received.

The NFL covers the cost for the rings that go to the players and staff, but if they want someone outside of that to get a ring, the team has to pay for it. The ring has 280 diamonds and says “World Champions” on the front. The inside of the ring says “We are all patriots” and “greatest comeback ever,” according to USA Today.

Stacey James, the spokesman for the Patriots, said the idea behind was to have the ring go into President Trump’s Presidential Library once his presidency ended.