Nikki Haley Defends Trump’s Afghanistan Shift [VIDEO]

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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UN ambassador Nikki Haley said Tuesday that Trump’s shift on Afghanistan policy shows “the signs of a president” who listens to his advisers.

As CNN’s Chris Cuomo pointed out on “New Day,” Trump said during the 2016 campaign that he wanted to pull troops out of Afghanistan, but last night announced he would be slightly increasing military engagement in the region.

Nikki Haley defended the president’s changing position, arguing, “that really shows the signs of a president.”

“One thing is to be a candidate and talk about what you think, and the other thing is to be a president and talk about what you know,” she said.

Cuomo agreed, stating, “true.”

“The facts are on the table and he asked all the right questions,” Haley continued, “and you’re going to see a very different approach. Enemies are no longer going to know what our timeline is.”


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