New Jersey To Lift Ban On Stun Guns

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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New Jersey legislators will propose to legalize and regulate the sale of stun guns next week, The New Jersey Advance reported Thursday.

Officials decided to change the law after a New Jersey resident, Mark Cheeseman, filed a lawsuit against the state’s prohibition of the weapon. Only law enforcement officers in the Garden State can use stun gun devices.

Initially, New Jersey state Attorney General Christopher Porrino filed a lawsuit in opposition to Cheeseman’s suit back in April but dropped it after the U.S. Supreme Court decided the Massachusetts ban on stun guns was unconstitutional.

“It’ll be good for business because right now a lot of people who feel unsafe at home might morally be opposed to having a gun. This is a device that gets them past that opposition. I predict a lot of people would get one for their home-defense plan,” Paul Sollitti, owner of NJ Arms in Ocean, a firearms business told Gannett.

The District of Columbia lifted its own stun-gun ban after Second Amendment activists challenged the prohibition after the high court made its ruling

New Jersey’s proposed regulations, expected to go into effect October 20, would still exclude those under the age of 18 from having the devices and enable law enforcement to seize them from minors.

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