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Morning Mirror: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Has Comes To Jesus Moment

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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“One dude with a ski boat headed to Houston to help rescue people is worth more than every alt-right dipshit in this country.”

Rick Wilson, self-described “GOP Media Guy” and columnist, The Daily Beast.

Undisclosed end of summer flowers 

Sheila Jackson Lee turns to Jesus

“IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS.” — Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) reacts to a scene in her Houston district.












Montel Williams long, strange, trippy sense of his place in politics

“I got to watch @JohnKasich with @chucktodd this morning on @MeetThePress. I’m more proud of my vote each time he speaks. #Kasich2020.” — washed up talk show host and Payday Loan supporter Montel Williams. And BTW, there was no “actual” vote that Montel could cast for Kasich since he was never the nominee and Montel does not live in Ohio. But why would one expect Montel to understand politics?

CNN’s Ana Navarro harshly blocks a follower 

KOB Scott (No one you should know): When you tweet all I see is. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Same when you talk.

Ana: “Well, let me help you with that. Blocked. Blocked. Blocked. Bye, Felicia.”

Social media dude detests Taylor Swift’s new song 

“That new Taylor Swift single is terrible. Of course, most of her music has been.” — Ben Smith, not THAT Ben Smith. This is Benjamin McNamee Smith, former social media strategist at Washington Examiner.

Breitbart News “London” editor shows great sympathy to ‘alt left’

“You know who can afford to riot and march for 10 days? moochers, leeches, waifs, and wastrels. While the rest of us WORK.”

Raheem Kassam, Washington, D.C. -based self-inflated “London” editor for Breitbart News.

Overheard in the newsroom

“Who’s Mike Allen?” — Anonymous reporter in an area Washington newsroom. Allen, of course, is the co-founder of Axios. “How am I supposed to know who some random dude is?”

Never Trumper compliments Trump 

“If Trump is doing well enough with federal hurricane response that all you can moan about is his tweets, he’s doing fine.” — Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire.

IJR kid’s first day of school: canceled. 

“My kids’ first day of school canceled, due to Harvey and we’re pretty far from the coast. This thing is massive.” — Michelle Ray, editor, IJR, who lives in Texas.

The Observer

“Striking difference in how Trump talks about white supremacists and journalists. Grudging disavowal vs angry, enthusiastic denunciation.” — Stephen Hayes, editor-in-chief, The Weekly Standard.

Harvard mag appeals to blonde egg donors 

“The only ad in ‘appeals to alumni’ in this month’s Harvard mag is offering $100k to blonde egg donors age 20-27 who have a Harvard degree.” — Helen Rosner,

Breitbart‘s Bannon in the news

“NEWS: Steve Bannon’s first scheduled public appearance will be intro’ing Sheldon Adelson at Zionist Organization of America dinner in Nov.” — Joshua Green, senior national correspondent, Bloomberg Businessweek.

Washington Post columnist diagnoses Trump’s mental condition

“Trump is the classic sociopath. He has no empathy. He just tries to imitate behaviors that he imagines real people have–to win favor.” — David Rothkopf.

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Wisconsin paper makes a really dumb error

Matt Dixon is an editor for Politico Florida














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In which host Brian Stelter toggles between the Texas tropical storm and the one he thinks is going on inside President Trump’s head.







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