Michael Phelps Is Conor McGregor’s Latest Challenger

(Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Conor McGregor may have lost Saturday’s fight to Floyd Mayweather, but don’t count him out just yet.

Today he was challenged to what the people really want to see: a competition against Michael Phelps.

By none other than Michael Phelps.

So we know it’s legit.

Phelps is retired but he already came out of retirement once to fight a shark. Even though he lost, “the fight for ocean supremacy” was one for the books. I’m surprised Discovery didn’t make it a pay-per-view program.

But now it’s time to level the playing field a little. Rather than going back to retirement looking like a complete loser after forfeiting to a shark (23 gold medals won from racing other athletes in the same sport isn’t enough for the world anymore, just so we’re clear), the time has come for Phelps to fight another human being. It’s Phelps vs. McGregor. Likely inspired by a recent SNL skit:

In or out of water, it would be a pretty legendary fight. And sorry Phelps, but I’m going all in on McGregor. I already saw you lose to a shark and you share a sport with Ryan Lochte.

Sure Phelps has a 7 foot wingspan, but have you ever seen McGregor’s roundhouse kick?

So let’s do this. Let’s get these guys in the water and ring that bell. Winner takes on a shark. Loser gets to fight Ryan Lochte, in his Dancing With The Stars clothes.