Le’Veon Bell And Stephen A. Smith Get Into It On Live TV

Stephen A. Smith (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube ESPN FIRST TAKE)

Jena Greene Reporter
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Steelers Running Back Le’Veon Bell sounded pretty optimistic about his upcoming season up until this morning.

He recently told ESPN that he’s excited about this season and feeling confident.

But it only took a few hours until that confidence was shaken by none other than Stephen A. Smith. This morning’s “First Take” discussed the importance of Bell’s health and getting his head in the game.

Stephen A. Smith said he gets “that he has to be productive. I’m not knocking that. There definitely needs to be moments where he’s reminding folks that he’s the best running back in football. But in terms of statistics, he doesn’t need to be but so formidable.”

And somehow, Le’Veon Bell took offense to this. He tweeted in the middle of the show:

To which the cohost quickly replied back:

Thanks for keeping your language PG, Stephen A.

He followed up his tweet with a live rant about Le’Veon:

Bell was apparently still watching because he replied:

Questionable spelling of “you” on Le’Veon’s part. And even more questionable interpretation of Stephen A. Smith’s opinions. It’s probably safe to say that Stephen A. won this one. But it makes for great television. I’d love to see him take on Kaepernick in a live tweet storm next.