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Michael Moore Isn’t Popular On Broadway Either

REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

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The only time anybody ever wanted to see a Michael Moore movie was when he was exploiting 9/11 survivors. Other than that, his movies have been duds. If he thought things would be different on the Great White Way, he was wrong yet again.

As Larry O’Connor at Mediaite reports, nobody wants to see Moore’s one-man Broadway show, The Terms of My Surrender:

According to Broadway World’s reporting of the weekly gross receipts for the run of the limited engagement production, ”The Terms of My Surrender” is in a downward spiral with numbers consistently at less than half of the show’s potential…

People in the Broadway industry are taking note of the paltry sales and whispers are already circulating that the numbers for the week ending September 10th will put the show in the sub-$275,000 range which is… really, really bad…

Theatregoers want to be entertained, enlightened, moved and inspired. They do not want to be ridiculed and insulted.

So they’re staying away in droves.

I don’t know who thought the words “Michael Moore’s one-man show” would sell tickets. I don’t know who thought people would pay to listen to that fact-raping planetoid drone on and on for hours, with no pause button or anything. But I’m glad they’re losing lots of money.

This is pretty funny, though:

Or, you could just buy a hot dog and enjoy an evening free of Michael Moore. Remind him why he hates capitalism so much.