Marie Claire Might Actually Think Hillary Clinton Is President

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Jena Greene Reporter
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Marie Claire decided it would be a good idea to rehash all of Hillary Clinton’s campaign mistakes Wednesday and project them onto Donald Trump.

In an op-ed titled “Hillary Clinton Is More of a President Right Now Than Donald Trump Will Ever Be,” they accused the current president of being message-less and unpopular. They celebrate the candidate-turned author as a fresh hero America needs right now:

It’s hard not to notice something: The woman who lost the election is actually more of a president than the man who won. In a time of unbelievable political discord and pain, it’s Clinton who is offering wise counsel, deep thinking, and leadership. The only thing our actual president seems to be offering is misspelled tweets and refuge to white supremacists.

Thanks to Marie Claire for putting this into perspective. This really is a time of unbearable pain. Living nowadays must put the era of Genghis Khan, Nazi internment camps, and widespread plague to shame.

And it’s true. Trump hasn’t gotten anything done during his nine months as president. Covefe is the only thing we’ll remember him by.

He certainly won’t be remembered for creating jobs, increasing wages by way of a growing economy, helping to eradicate ISIS and MS-13, strengthening our military, coordinating the federal response for hurricane victims, and definitely not for reducing illegal immigration with tougher policies.

Hillary may not have campaigned on any ideas, but she definitely would’ve accomplished more by now.

And since Marie Claire disagrees with it, massive crowds chanting “make America great again” and “build that wall” means Trump has no brand or message.

They also say “she focuses on helping the victims of natural disasters as opposed to bragging about how big the storms are.” Didn’t Trump get a $15 billion disaster relief bill passed at lightning speed, and donate $1 million of his own money? How much is the Clinton Foundation donating?

And finally, the magazine says most of the country actually supports Clinton.

Which, as we all know, is not true. Hillary would’ve won if most of America supported her. That’s how democracy works. It’s not an auction.

But when all else fails, call Trump a racist. It’s foolproof. Especially because he only has white Christian males in his cabinet:

She doesn’t have the same governmental powers that our racist-in-chief currently has. So while we consider just how un-president-like our president is, let’s not give up easily, no matter how much opponents may want us to. Like Clinton, we’re not going anywhere.

So, Marie Claire: please, for the sake of all that is good in this world, please continue writing this garbage. Please don’t go anywhere. Please keep pushing Clinton to run again and please continue to hail her as the face of the Democrat party. And definitely keep mirroring all of her campaign mistakes as Trump’s misdoings — nobody will notice. It’s an outstanding strategy for 2020.