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ABC’s ‘The View’ Lands The Mooch

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Buckle up Anthony Scaramucci fans.

On September 22, President Trump‘s brief but colorful White House Communication’s Director will guest co-host ABC’s The View. They’re calling it “Guy Day Friday.”

“Speaking of Mooches…he’ll be here next Friday. Ohhhhhh I’m gonna miss him,” Whoopi Goldberg fake lamented on Thursday’s show.

The audience seemed to be in shock. No applause. Just silence and a few yelps of “MOOCH!”

Online didn’t fare much better.

Twitter followers largely said they would not watch and expressed their disgust.

“This guy is just…….ewwww!”

“Another VIEW I won’t be watching. Can’t you guys be more selective? This guy isn’t a celebrity. Why give him air time?”

“I will not watch.”

“Are you really allowed to keep a job title for a gig that lasted 10 days?”

Hopefully the ladies won’t be shy about asking Scaramucci about his supposed media venture that he has been relentlessly teasing on Twitter. He’s calling it The Scaramucci Post and it already has a preppy royal blue and bright yellow logo.

Of course the account’s first follow on Twitter was himself.

Another good q for the ladies: Is he or is he not dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle? Or is partying in Italy just the new thing that friends do?

Co-host Joy Behar is especially excited to have him on the show.

On a promising note: The outspoken liberal says he’s not dumb.