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How Do I Spam O’s?

YouTube screenshot/Vape Central

Kevin Krilla Vape Reporter
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Today, we’ll learn how to perform the trick called “Double O Spams.” First you need to be able to blow “double O’s,” which I explained in an earlier article. Double O’s can be accomplished by holding a finger in the middle of your mouth, with the top of your finger right above your lip. This will leave enough space on both sides of your mouth to blow two O’s out. Of course, we learned that in order to blow O’s correctly, you need to let out a good throat cough, while shaping your mouth in somewhat of a circle. This requires practice, for sure. Once you are able to blow double O’s then you are ready to “spam” them.

The trickster in the video uses a particularly unique method of tapping his throat with his finger to help blow out O’s. His finger taps right between his chin and his throat to help release his vapor O’s, while he is slowing and lightly exhaling the vapor production. Using the right finger placement and technique – but most importantly practice – you can accomplish the double O’s.

After you are able to blow double O’s, then a simple head tilting motion, right to left, left to right, up to down or down to up, will create a specific formation of O’s in the air. Instead of keeping your head straight and in one place, you are tilting it from one side to the next while blowing O’s. This is how you spam double O’s.

A major key factor is making sure there is no wind or air circulation in the room. Windows must be closed and vents must be turned off in the particular room you are in. Otherwise, this trick won’t work from the get go.