‘South Park’ Season 21 Has Arrived – Here’s Our Thoughts On The First Episode

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The boys are back and as crude as ever in this season of “South Park.”

“Hey Alexa, add big hairy b*lls to my shopping list,” Cartman says to start out season 21, as he’s crowded around an Amazon “Alexa” making it repeat his obnoxious jokes.

“White People Renovating Houses” is the first episode of the new season of “South Park” and it comes back with a bang. The city of South Park is becoming infatuated with the new Amazon smart-home product “Alexa”, but not everyone is happy about it.

A group of rural, redneck citizens are angry that the “Alexa” is taking their jobs, so they rally together with confederate flags, and take to the streets to protesting tech companies taking their jobs. An obvious poke at both the Charlottesville protesters and tech companies taking over in the recent year.

The protests get little attention until they interrupt Randy Marsh’s new show “White People Renovating Houses,” mocking redundant fix-up housing shows. When they interrupt one of Randy’s episodes live, he goes out and confronts them.

“Don’t you know every time you wave those confederate flags you make us all look stupid,” Randy says to the group of protesters. Randy shows how the stupidity of these protesters just makes everyone look bad. So he comes up with a solution: replacing the angry protestors with the “Alexa”.

The town of South Park gets rid of their “Alexas” to be replaced by the rural, confederate protesters. Cartman, who has become obsessed with his “Alexa,” comes home to its replacement “Jim Bob” and is as angry as ever.

Cartman asks him to play “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar and “Jim Bob” hilariously plays a country rendition of the rap hit. Our fat little friend is just as angry as you’d expect.

Season 21 started off strong hitting hot button issues with classic “South Park” humor. It does a great job making fun of the Charlottesville protestors by displaying them as stupid, but also by taking jabs at the media for its extensive coverage since the city didn’t care when they took the streets. At the same time, they were able to keep up with America’s obsession with the growing tech industry.

Overall, a very solid start to what will hopefully be a great season.

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