Police Officers Injured By Thrown Bricks During Violent St. Louis Protests

Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Eleven law enforcement officers sustained injuries from Friday’s violent protests in St. Louis, the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department announced Saturday night. MPD also reported 33 arrests were made.

Officers were assaulted by demonstrators who hurled bricks, bottles, and other projectiles at them as well as knocked them off their patrol bikes.

St. Louis Chief Lawrence O’Toole told reporters Saturday night following the acquittal of a former St. Louis Police officer related to the 2011 first-degree shooting murder of a black resident, “Many demonstrators were peaceful, after dark, agitators outnumbered peaceful demonstrators and the crowd became mob.”

One 26-year-old female rookie officer suffered a broken jaw after protester threw a brick at her face. A 25-year-old officer with only two years on the force was also injured after a brick hit her in the head and a 29-year-old officer with six years of service received facial injuries from a thrown brick.

A  25-year veteran of the department suffered from a head injury after a bottle hit him, and an officer with 11 years of service had his shoulder dislocated after a brick smashed into it.

These officers were transported to the hospital for treatment, while others were treated on the scene or refused treatment completely. Protests continued later into Saturday evening.

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