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Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Is Suing Subway

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Speaking as a Hoosier and a fan of processed meats, I was heartbroken when it turned out Jared Fogle is a big piece of garbage. I’m glad he’s in jail, but one thing has always bugged me about the whole fiasco: How did Subway IP Inc. not know? This creep got caught because he was blabbing to a reporter about what he was into, so it’s not like he was keeping it to himself. He made Subway a lot of money over the years. Did they turn a blind eye to keep it rolling in?

His ex-wife is claiming just that. Associated Press:

An Indiana judge is set to hear arguments in a lawsuit filed by former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle’s ex-wife alleging that the company knew of Fogle’s sexual interest in children but continued promoting him as its spokesman…

[Kathleen] McLaughlin alleges Subway received at least three reports indicating Fogle was sexually interested in children but failed to take proper action and continued promoting him as its spokesman.

This is why I haven’t been able to walk into a Subway since Fogle got nabbed. I simply don’t believe they had no idea, and I refuse to give them my money. I haven’t organized a boycott or anything. I just don’t go there anymore. Capitalism is a beautiful thing.

Part of me sympathizes with this woman. I can’t imagine the nightmare she and her kids have been living through for the past few years. But part of me also wonders… If Subway knew, as she alleges, how did she not know?

No matter who wins this lawsuit, they all lose. The whole thing just makes me sad. And hungry for Jimmy John’s.