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#NotAllIslams Set Fire To Melbourne Bank Due To Long Wait Time

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No, folks, not my usual #NotAllMuslims. This time I’m confining my racism and Islamophobia to people with the last name Islam. Only one of those people did what you’re about to see, so it doesn’t really count. #NotAllIslams.

This happened at a bank in Melbourne, Australia last November:

So, what was that all about? News.com.au:

Police allege Nur Islam, 22, poured petrol in the doorway of the Commonwealth Bank at Springvale [Melbourne] on November 18 before lighting it, causing a large fire and creating “pandemonium” as customers and staff stampeded to escape, Melbourne Magistrates Court was told on Tuesday.

Lawyer Barnaby Johnston said his client admitted setting fire to the bank but never intended to hurt anyone.

Well, of course not. What’s the worst that can happen when you pour gasoline all over the floor of an exit and light a match? Um, it’s a little thing we call free speech, people.

Mr. Islam got mad because he had to stand in line, so he went to a nearby gas station and did what he thought he had to do. Most of us just sigh and tap our feet and look at our phones. This dude kicked it up a notch.

Clearly, Islam is being persecuted for this faux pas because of his religion. He’s a victim of both Islamophobia and Nur-Islamophobia. So what if he injured dozens of people and caused millions of dollars in damage? Isn’t that what they get for being bigots?

Those bankers can afford it. They’ve got money to… um, spare.

(Hat tip: Rita Panahi)